World’s greatest copywriting coach offers ICO marketing advice

I recently listened to an episode of the Copywriters Podcast.

It’s run by David Garfinkel, also known as the “world’s greatest copywriting coach.”

And David said something very interesting (I’m paraphrasing):

“Either you work and get paid, or your readers work and get paid.”

Meaning, either you put in the effort to make your copy easy and fun to read…

Or your readers get to hold on to their money instead of paying you.

Here’s why I bring this up.

Many ICOs I’ve been following keep trying to hard sell. They send out email after email, saying:

“Only 4 days left!”

“Only 1 day left!”

“Only 6 hours!”

“2 hours!”




I can imagine this makes sense from the company’s point of view.

They probably think they are just being straightforward and honest, and that these kinds of notifications are why people signed up to their newsletter in the first place.

Which might well be true.

But it doesn’t mean you couldn’t get much better results if you only worked a little harder on your email marketing. Or at least a little smarter.

A simple rule is, use the bulk of your email (at least the first half) to entertain and educate your audience…

And only then start pitching your whitelist signup or the pre-sale or the main token sale or whatever.

Yes, it will require a bit more work.

But it could mean a lot more money contributed to your ICO.

Anyways, if you want to find out more of my thoughts on email marketing applied to ICOs, here’s where to go:

John Bejakovic