Winners vs. losers in ICO marketing

One of the most successful sales letters of all time is the Wall Street Journal’s “Tale of Two Young Men.”

It’s supposedly been responsible for over $2 billion worth of subscriptions.

It starts out something like this.

Two young men graduated from the same college.

They then got a job at the same corporation in the same department.

Both worked hard. Both were intelligent and ambitious.

And yet, 34.3 years later, one of the men was the CEO of that company, while the other one was a frustrated middle manager.

What was the difference?

You guessed it. The future CEO subscribed to the WSJ.

In his Ultimate Sales Letter, master marketing educator Dan Kennedy gives 3 templates for effective sales letters that should be aplicable to any business.

“Winners vs. Losers,” as in the WSJ example, is one of them.

So how could we apply this to a cryptocurrency mining business?

Oh I don’t know.

Maybe talk about two friends who got into cryptocurrencies.

And rather than speculating on Bitcoin, they decided to spend their money on mining.

One rented out some computing power on a well-known mining marketplace, NiceHash.

While the other invested in a mining ICO, Moria Miner (don’t look for it, I made this up).

The first friend thought he was being smart because he was making some money right up front.

That is, until two weeks ago, when NiceHash was hacked and all their Bitcoin stolen.

The second friend however, is safe and sound, his Bitcoin hoard growing as Moria Mines keeps working away, thanks to their experienced tech team.

Anyways, you see how this can work.

Winners vs. Losers.

A perenial sales letter template.

If you want some of your own winning marketing strategies compared to the losers involved in the other ICOs, I might be able to help. More information here:

John Bejakovic