The most underrated part of marketing an ICO

I recently talked to Munly Leong, the marketing manager at Viewly.

(Viewly is like YouTube crossed with Patreon, on the blockchain.)

Munly also has previous experience marketing ICOs.

He worked in an ad agency and he also advised Ankorus.

Anways, Munly mentioned something interesting.

He said that when he was working at the ad agency, he wrote all sorts of content to promote the ICOs they were working with.

This was under the assumption that the marketing agency had good PR contacts, and they would be able to get this content published in big mainstream media outlets.

Well, it turns out that this wasn’t so.

Even though this was a dedicated ICO marketing agency (or perhaps because of it), their PR connections were weak.

That’s why Munly said they were hiring a traditional PR agency for Viewly, rather than going with an agency specifically for ICOs.

He even called this the most underrrated part of marketing an ICO.

Another interesting thing that came up when I interviewed Munly:

In his opinion, we’re nearing the end of the time when you can make an ICO successful simply by marketing to traditional ICO investors.

It’s not such a big problem, because the mainstream is so much bigger than the small crypto community, and the mainstream is getting interested in investing in the blockchain.

But this does mean the “old” methods of marketing an ICO, just hanging out on Telegram and responding on Bitcointalk, might not get the same results in 2018 and beyond as they did in 2017.

Just something to think about.

Anyways, if you need help with copywriting or marketing, based not on 2017 ICO marketing principles, but on fundamentals that have worked for 100+ years, here’s how to get in touch with me:

John Bejakovic