Terribly bad ICO project strikes back

Here’s another way to introduce an ICO Q&A session.

Simply answer a few interesting or quirky questions. Then lead into the Q&A invitation.

No need to be too serious. In fact, lighter is better.

An an example, here’s a possible email for INS Ecosystem and their upcoming Q&A session this weekend:


SUBJECT: Terribly bad ICO project strikes back

We’re getting a ton of questions about INS and our upcoming ICO, which starts on December 4.

Some of the questions are good, some we’ve answered before, some are downright silly.

Let’s run through a few right now:

QUESTION: Despite the project have core Russian team, i think it will be very promising. But when will large companies join INS?

Thanks for the strong vote of confidence on our Russian team.

As for large companies, we already have a bunch of them on board:


QUESTION: What terribly bad ico project. They just sent (few weeks ago) INS PROMO worthless tokens to most of eth holders. Why could someone buy a token that it’s presentation start making you to lose time?

ANSWER: Easy there, my friend. INSP tokens are used exclusively for obtaining a 5% bonus to INS token purchases at the token sale. We used them as an airdrop bonus.

They are not at all the same as INS tokens and they cannot be exchanged for INS tokens.

They are just a free gift in case you want a discount. And they were certainly not designed to get you angry.

QUESTION: Are you guys aiming to compete with the likes of amazon and other online retailers?

ANSWER: God forbid. Who would be silly enough to take on Amazon directly?

Instead, we will create something entirely new and different.

We are developing a technology allowing manufacturers to sell goods directly to consumers without intermediaries adding huge markups. And if take some business off Amazon in the process, that’s just a coincidence.

Anyways, if you are thinking about contributing to our ICO, you probably have burning questions of your own.

And this weekend, you can get all your INS questions answered. And here’s the best part.

You don’t have to dig into our white paper.

You don’t have to stalk us on Telegram.

You don’t even have to go to our BitcoinTalk thread.

Instead, you can communicate live with two of our founders, Peter Fedchenkov and Dmitry Zhulin.

It’s all happening on Facebook this Saturday at at 5PM GMT.

And if that doesn’t work for you, then you have another option: Sunday at 7AM GMT. Click one of the links below to get a notification from Facebook, and start working on your tough questions for Peter and Dmitry:

Saturday at 5PM GM: https://www.facebook.com/ins.ecosystem/videos/2183313801694386

Sunday at 7AM GMT: https://www.facebook.com/ins.ecosystem/videos/2183227791702987

Maria Lapuk
PR Consultant, INS Ecosystem