Why you should stop using Telegram for your ICO

I read an article on Gizmodo just now, titled “Why you should stop using Telegram.”

The gist of the article is that Telegram isn’t as secure as it claims, so you should switch over to iMessage or WhatsApp or some other more secure messaging app. 

That’s not my problem, however. 

Telegram can be great for messaging, or for answering questions about your ICO. 

But in my completely subjective opinion, it’s not the best at drawing attention in a reliable way. 

People interact with it in a haphazard way, much like with other social apps and messaging clients. 

It’s different from the good old medium of email, which gets a more reliable, structured kind of user attention and interaction, precisely because it is so old and uncool. 

I admit this is all based on my personal observations rather than any kind of research. 

However, if you are offering an ICO, I recommend you test this out for yourself.

Come up with an email campaign to send during your ICO, and compare this with the draw you get from your Telegram channel. At worst, you’ll have two sources of traffic. At best, you’ll be shocked at how much more responsive your email subscribers are compared to the Telegram bunch. 

The only catch is your email campaign should be fun and interesting and engaging. 

Just because email is old an uncool doesn’t mean you can get away with writing boring emails that drone on about how time is running out for people to participate in your ICO.

What’s that? You don’t know where to get started writing such emails? I can help. Here’s how:


John Bejakovic