How to set your ICO head and shoulders above the competition

I just read that ICOs have raised over $3 billion this year.

Does that get you excited that you too will get rich when your ICO kicks off?

Before you get carried away, consider this.

Going all the way back to 3000 BC, there have been fewer than 200 ICOs that have raised more than $1M. That leaves thousands of other ICOs that have effectively failed.

Sure, many of those were flat-out scams.

But a good number were bright projects.

With bright ideas.

And bright developers.

Still, they couldn’t get off the ground.

So what’s missing?

Well, if you do have a good idea and a good team and good intentions, then the ingredient that’s probably missing is good marketing. Specifically, direct response marketing. The same kind of marketing that’s quietly been building small but highly profitable companies for over a hundred years.

Direct marketing is just a proven way of connecting what people already want with what you’ve got to offer.

And there ain’t an easier way to get started with direct marketing than to start collecting email address and to send them good emails regularly.

Do this, and you’ll set your ICO head and shoulders above the competition.

By the way, if you need more advice on how to use direct marketing for your ICO, you can get it here:

John Bejakovic