Santa’s crazy 2018 ICO marketing plan

This morning I looked under my Christmas tree.

There was nothing there.

“Not again Santa,” I thought to myself. “What’s the excuse this year?”

So I called up the switchboard for the North Pole and asked to be connected to the old man.

They said, “We’re sorry, the line is busy. Santa is launching an ICO in February 2018 and he can’t peel away from Telegram and Bitcointalk.”

“Poor guy,” I thought.

I can understand why he didn’t have time to bring my presents.

And even though I got nothing from Santa this year, I decided to make him a little present myself.

Since he already seems to have the community management down (he’s so busy on Telegram and Bitcointalk), I decided to give him a 3-part email marketing plan in anticipation of his ICO.

Step 1: Get a decent email service

We all know Santa is partial to cute animals (see: reindeer).

Odds are, he, along with 80% of other ICOs, would go for Mailchimp, simply because it’s so cute and friendly.

My recommendation to Santa is to ditch the chimp and go with the boring-but-powerful ActiveCampaign instead.

For one thing, it’s cheaper.

For another, it makes it easier to segment those who have been naughty from those who have been nice and send separate campaigns to them.

But whatever tool you use to send emails, make sure to…

Step 2: Send interesting emails

If you’ve met Santa personally, you know he’s a jokester who’s got an outsized personality and is full of great stories.

Unfortunately, when the man in red sits down to write, his personality goes out the window and he sounds like a company robot:

“Dear toddlers and pre-adolescents, we’re very excited to notify you of our impending SNT token sale which will bring the revolutionary power of blockchain technology to the $4.5 trillion gift-giving economy.”

No, no no, Santa.

Keep the personality, and write like you talk.

Make it interesting and fun to read, and those ICO investors will keep opening your emails until it’s time for them to contribute. Just remember:

Step 3: Email often

Santa has a hangup that people only want to hear from him once a year.

He’s worried that if he emails about his ICO too often, people might unsubscribe from his list.

That’s when I want to grab the big lug by his shoulders and shake him violently.

“What are you trying to accomplish? Keep uninterested people on your mailing list? Or raise money for your ICO?”

If you email people regularly, you build a relationship.

You build anticipation.

You build trust.

You convert some of the maybe’s into yes’s.

You remind people you exist, and you get them out of the torpor of not taking action.

You validate that they are making (or have made) the right choice.

All those outcomes are pretty valuable.

And if the cost of them is turning away some people who probably wouldn’t invest in the Santa ICO anyhow, then so be it.

I think these 3 steps are a very good starting point for Santa.

And maybe for you, if you too have an ICO coming up.

If you want more detailed info than I could whip up for Santa on Christmas morning, you can get it directly from my little elf workshop:

John Bejakovic