How to promote your proof-of-caring program

I recently talked to the CEO of a company that’s about to have an ICO.

He said that out of all the people who have signed up for their proof-of-caring program, only 20% submitted anything.

He wanted to send out an email to motivate the rest.

My suggestion was to give people examples of easy and clever proofs-of-caring.

Here’s an example of such an email, which I wrote for an ICO I’m working with, Experty:


SUBJECT: Warning: don’t try this at home

YouTube user SEONGJU SEO posted a crazy video right before New Year’s.

It’s actually a collection of funny before-and-after clips.

Before: a toddler falls off a rocking horse.

After: a boy setting a new record in a cup-stacking competition.

Before: a girl jumps out of a swing and lands on her face (she was fine).

After: a lacrosse player throws a rock-hard lacrosse ball at his friend… and perfectly knocks off the water bottle that the friend put on top of his head.

In other words, “before” is clumsy and untalented… while “after” is incredibly skilled.

The difference between before and after?

Well, in this particular video, the difference is Experty.

Of course, this video is just meant for fun. SEONGJU SEO submitted it as a proof-of-caring for the Experty ICO. It’s going to get him a sizeable bonus when the ICO kicks off, and he might even get some free Experty tokens as a reward.

Now, I’m not advising you to try any crazy stunts like the lacrosse guys did in SEONGJU SEO’s video.

But if you can put together a cleverly edited video like this one, we at Experty will be very grateful for your helping us to get the word out about our ICO.

And we will reward you with bonuses during our ICO, just like we did with SEONGJU SEO.

If you want to find out more about the Experty proof-of-caring program, here’s where to go:


Of course, you can send out email after email that looks just like this, talking about one entertaining proof-of-caring after another.

The key is to suck people in with something fun or interesting at the start so you can get your point across.

Do you have an ICO coming up? If you want similar emails to promote your ICO or your proof-of-caring program, here’s how you can get in touch with me:

John Bejakovic