Interview with Munly Leong, Marketing Manager at

Today we have an interview with Munly Leong.

Munly is the marketing manager at, and he has a string of other marketing roles in the ICO world, including as an advisor to Ankorus.

In this interview you’ll hear:

* Why ICO advisors should come into the picture as early as possible, even if you don’t follow their advice (2:47)

* How working at a ICO marketing agency is different from working as a marketing manager within an ICO company (4:15)

* What Munly’s day-to-day work involves (it’s more than just marketing!) (5:00)

* The stumbling block to marketing that has encountered (5:45)

* The main platforms that Munly has been pushing content to for (6:00)

* The most underrated part of ICO marketing according to Munly (7:00)

* Munly’s big takeaway from working at an ICO marketing agency (it has to do with PR success) (7:30)

* The 3 pillars of potential investors will be marketing to (10:30)

* The biggest mistake Munly has seen in the marketing of ICOs (12:20)

* The common thread between affiliate marketing and ICO marketing (13:00)

* The biggest change Munly suggested for the Ankorus ICO (13:45)

* Why you need to flip the traditional working and resting times when marketing an ICO (14:22)

* What’s involved in pre-marketing an ICO, and why it’s important (15:15)

* The first steps for marketing a brand-new ICO (17:29)

* Why the greatest ICO marketing plans in the world might hit a roadblock if you don’t prepare in advance (19:16)

* Why building your product might be the wrong thing to focus on after you raise money (20:44)

* Munly’s advice for getting a role in marketing an ICO (23:15)