ICOs escape from the zoo, officials raise emergency

Today, the biggest zoo in Paris went into lockdown.

52 “large and potentially very aggressive” baboons escaped from their enclosures.

According to news reports, the monkeys were running amok.

Thanks to the dilligence of zoo staff, just four baboons currently remain on the lam, while 48 have been recaptured.

Still, operatives with rifles, who will be able to stun the animals, continue to stalk the zoo.

After all, baboons are nothing to mess around with. “They are stronger than us,” officials warned.

What does this have to do with ICOs?

Just swap out “baboon” with “cryptocurrency,” “zoo official” with “government official,” and you get a similar story.

The IRS stepping in and demanding user records from CoinBase…

SEC ramping up oversight…

The Financial Services Commission in Korea banning ICOs flat-out in the country.

All of these government bodies will tell you they are only protecting consumers from getting hurt in the crypto free-for-all.

And maybe that is a part of the truth.

But you also can’t have baboons running around the city, just like you can’t have a entirely separate power structure alongside current governments.

I have no idea how this is going to play out.

But it’s undeniable that the crypto market is growing up, quickly, because the zoo keepers are taking notice.

This doesn’t necessarily have to do with my usual marketing message.

Except that I keep saying how ICO marketing will also have to grow up soon, for many of the same reasons.

So if you need marketing help for your ICO, before the operatives with rifles come after you, here’s how you can track me down:


John Bejakovic