ICO email marketing lessons from Jay Abraham

I am subscribed to marketing all-star Jay Abraham’s email list.

And while I know the man is a legend and has a lot to teach anyone intetersted in marketing, I rarely read his emails, and I have yet to take any kind of action based on them.


Because many of Jay’s emails offer a dozen separate things to do.

Such as:

Watch this video (and a second, and a third).

Download some guides.

Check out these songs. And articles. And interviews.

In all fairness, it seems that when Jay is really promoting something serious, the emails are exclusively focused on that one offer.

Plus, I suspect that Jay’s email list is in the hundreds of thousands. Also, many people on his list already know and respect him. And he’s not really dependent on email marketing for his enormously successful business.

If he didn’t have all those great assets, I think he might break up these emails up and use separate emails to pitch each one of his valuable offers.

And if you want my opinion, I think you should do the same.

Did your ICO get featured on Forbes? Great. Write an (entertaining) email, and link to the article.

New advisor? New email.

Want people to join your Telegram group? Write them an email, and don’t ask them to also check out your Twitter, Facebook, Medium, LinkedIn, and Myspace profiles.

In short: one email, one idea, one action.

Even if you have to send out five emails a day.

But won’t sending so many separate emails annoy people? Not if you make them fun to read.

If you want to find out the way I do that, here’s where to go:


John Bejakovic