How not to start an ICO pitch

I was recently at the World Blockchain Forum in London.

I saw many ICO pitches, most of which were pretty bad.

One stands out though.

It was the second day, right before lunch.

A confident, good-looking woman got on stage. She must have been the founder of her company.

And she started talking about how wonderful the whole blockchain idea is, and how it will revolutionize this and that, and freedom and democracy and the future will be bright. She even showed graphs of how interest in blockchain technology has grown over the past 10 years.

While she was talking away, people in the audience started checking their phones.

Some were talking loudly.

Many got up to get a head start on the meat-free lunch.

The woman on stage grew more and more shaken. She was aware that her big pitch was going down the drain. By the time she got around to talking about her company and what they do, nobody was paying attention any more.

Here’s why I bring this up.

The first few moments of any pitch are crucial.

This is true whether you are talking to one person, to an audience, or communicating with thousands through sales copy.

You have to use the first few seconds to make sure you have their attention.

There are different ways to do this, but an old, very effective stand-by is this:

Talk about problems.

The human mind is wired to respond to problems, as the smart marketer Sean D’Souza will tell you.

Some valid problems I saw described at the same conference:

* remittance payments in Africa are expensive
* many e-sports teams don’t get paid even when they win
* many companies don’t have the resources to build their own token platform

So if you’re pitching your ICO some time soon, don’t start off by talking about the blockchain.

Don’t even talk about your team, your advisors, or your revolutionary idea.

Simply start off by talking about the big bad problem that’s bothering your audience, and watch how their ears perk up.

John Bejakovic

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