How to get paid for a hobby: An interview with Jackson Kelley, a blogger for ETHLend

Today we have Jackson Kelley, who has been writing blog posts for the past several months for ETHLend, which raised over $16 million through an ICO last November.

In his day job, Jackson is a software engineer at Amazon, and he wanted to make clear that everything he will be sharing today is just his own opinion, and is not connected to his position at Amazon.

In today’s interview, you’ll learn:

* How a freelance software development course led Jacskson to blogging (1:15)

* Why treating blogging like a hobby meant more exposure for Jackson’s content early on (2:10)

* How Jackson got in touch with Jordan Lazaro Gustave, the Head of Management at ETHLend (2:25)

* Why the ETHLend team knew Jackson a little even before he approached them (3:25)

* How Jackson and the ETHLend team decided on the first topics to write about (4:20)

* The change that happened during the ICO that made ETHLend approach Jackson with additional blog post requests (4:40)

* How an experience waiting at an airport during a crypto dip led to an idea for a blog post (7:04)

* The gradual way that Jackson got into crypto and blockchain technologies (7:04)

* What the publishing process was with ETHLend once Jackson had written up one of his blog posts (9:43)

* The surprising way that ETHLend preferred to publish Jackson’s blog posts (9:52)

* Which of Jackson’s articles performed best so far (11:30)

* Why you should constantly continue to put out content (12:20)

* Why Jackson felt awkward about blogging initially and what caused this to change (12:55)

* Why Jackson considers blogging to be one of the best things he’s ever done (13:13)

* Jackson’s secret to feeling comfortable about the things he’s writing about (14:10)

* How to get more confident and free-flowing with your writing (14:50)

To get in touch with Jackson, visit his site at