Where to get your first customers after your ICO concludes

I was in London for a blockchain conference a while back.

And one of the most interesting and successful ICOs that presented there was Cindicator.

They had a unique approach to their ICO.

Not everyone could join.

There was a large minimum contribution.

And people who wanted to contribute had to write an essay explaining what they would bring to the Cindicator ecosystem.

Pretty crazy, right?

After all, common sense would say that you should make it as easy as possible for people to give you money.

And yet, Cindicator blew through their ICO, and raised a cool $15 million, which was their hard cap.

Now Cindicator was in a unique situation, because they already had a base of dedicated users.

If your ICO doesn’t have that yet, here’s an idea.

Treat the people who are interested in your ICO as potential customers, and not only as potential investors.

Don’t just talk about your ICO.

Don’t just pitch your bonuses.

Don’t just send out notifications telling readers to get on your white list.

Instead, talk about your idea.

Talk about your team and explain why you are qualified to deliver.

And ask for feedback on your business, instead of just fielding requests for another bounty compaign.

In short, treat this like a real business (which it hopefully is) rather than as just a crowdsale.

This way, you will be more likely to have a successful ICO.

And you might have some interested users as soon as you launch your product.

That’s my suggestion for today.

Here’s a mildly related pitch.

Most ICOs I’ve followed use Mailchimp for their email marketing.

Mailchimp is great for sending out email blasts (think crowdsale) but isn’t the best choice for complex email marketing (think business).

If you are treating this like a business, then I have another suggestion for you.

Check out Active Campaign, which is more powerful and generally cheaper than Mailchimp once you hit scale.

It might right for you. It might not. But it’s a good idea to take a look at it before you get wedded to Mailchimp for ever and ever. Here’s the link:


John Bejakovic