Fake ICO founders run away with real money

I’m signed up to lots of email lists for current and future ICOs.

One email that happens occasionally is about an upcoming Q&A session.

Now if someone is really interested in your ICO and he wants to get his burning questions answered, then probably it won’t matter how you announce this Q&A session. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put in a bit of work to make the announcement interesting and intriguing and fun for everybody else.

So here’s an example mail that could do just that. This was for a blockchain company called Debitum, which sent out a plain-Jane email saying “Join us tomorrow for our live Q&A.” Here’s a more lively version:


SUBJECT: Fake ICO founders run away with real money

I was just reading the latest development in the story of Centra.

You might have heard of these guys.

They are a blockchain company (planning to make a debit card that connects to cryptocurrencies) that got high profile endorsements, including ones from DJ Khaled and Floyd Merriweather.

Centra’s in the news again, but with less favorable press.

It turns out the two founders of Centra have left the company after raising $32 million, following some very negative media exposure claiming that they have no experience with cryptos. They have also both been indicted on perjury charges in Manhattan.

These news are part of a string of scandals hounding Centra. It also appears the company might have invented a fictional person to be the CEO.

You might think this sounds like a typical hit-and-run ICO story.

You might think that investors would have been able to tell something is fishy with Centra from a mile away.

But remember, Centra did manage to raise $32 million.

It’s hard to tell which ICOs are backed by revolutionary new businesses, and which ones are simply a front for some crypto carpetbaggers. And looking at the website and the white paper is often not enough.

However, if you had talked to the founders of Centra, and asked them some tough questions, maybe you would have gotten insight into the company and the ICO as a whole.

And maybe, just maybe, you would see whether these guys are just charismatic personalities with a lot of marketing skill, or if they are founders who are going to carry out a complex technical plan.

Here’s why I bring this up.

Martins Liberts, one of the founders of the Debitum Network, will appear in a live Q&A session tomorrow on Facebook.

You can join in and ask your questions (even tough ones), and see whether Martins can answer them in a convincing fashion.

If you’re thinking of contributing to the Debitum ICO, it’s probably a smart thing to do.

To get notified when we go live on Facebook tomorrow (1pm London time), simply click the link below:


James Downtown
Marketing Advisor
Debitum Network