The egotist’s secret to increasing your influence in the ICO world

Here’s a personal revelation:

I’ve just received my fifth paid copywriting project on the topic of cryptocurrencies.

This new assignment is for a crypto news aggregator (a surprisingly legit and valuable business, based on what I’ve seen of them).

Now,  five projects might not sound like much.

But I only decided to focus on copywriting in the crypto and blockchain space around October last yaer.

During this time, I’ve continued to do a lot of copywriting in other, entirely unrelated niches (health courses, B2B services, financial conferences).

But slowly, the crypto copywriting is becoming a bigger and bigger part of my client work.

Which is exactly what I was hoping.

Except, why am I telling you all this?

Well, it’s for a completely self-serving reason.

And it also has to do with today’s ICO marketing lesson.

Which is, when you want to sell something, it’s often a good idea to include personal revelations in the copy to get people to like you more.

When people like you, they are more likely to listen to you, and to do what you ask them to do.

This applies whether you are promoting an ICO, an established blockchain-based business, a crypto news site, or a blockchain conference.

Share some details of your own background and your story…

Become a little more relatable and credible…

And watch your business improve.

John Bejakovic

P.S. I almost forgot. If you need copywriting for your crypto business, you can reach me at: