How to drag your ICO child along the pavement to success

A trending video from the UK shows a bizarre scene:

A woman is walking down a busy city street. At the same time, she’s pulling a child on a leash behind her, literally dragging it along the pavement like a sack of barley.

Commentators online are outraged.

According to the guy who posted the video, so were the passersby who witnessed the scene.

And yet, as you can see in the video, nobody’s doing anything.

The woman is walking. The kid is scraping the ground behind her. But not one of the outraged passersby is stepping in to fix this case of abuse.

What’s going on?

According to Robert Cialdini, the author of Influence, this kind of scene comes down to social proof.

In unfamiliar situations, we often look to others to gauge what we should do.

Even when we witness a bizarre and shocking scene, most of us don’t do anything, because everybody around us is not doing anything.

Your paralysis reinforces mine, and vice versa.

It works the other way as well.

You can use social proof to get people moving and acting together for a good cause.

For example, you can use social proof to get a lot of investors eagerly sending in ether as soon as your ICO goes live.

It just requires a few social-proof-building techniques, which you can easily insert into the emails you send to people before your ICO.

These techniques apply to almost any ICO.

If you would like to discuss what they are, you can schedule a free consult with me here:

John Bejakovic