Your clothes, give them to me, now

Yesterday I wrote about how it pays to put in a bit of work to write better emails for your ICO.

Here’s a quick example of how to do that.

It’s for a company called Lucyd, which is raising funds through an ICO to make AR smart glasses.

The following is one quick way they could make their emails more exciting and entertaining:


SUBJECT: Your clothes, give them to me, now

Can you place this famous movie scene?

Three young hooligans are drinking the evening away at an overlook in Los Angeles.

Then, out of the darkness, a shape appears. It’s a man. In fact, it’s an enormous man, coming towards them.

And he’s completely naked.

The three punks think they are in for a bit of fun.

“Nice night for a walk,” one of them teases the naked behemoth.

“Wash day tomorrow. Nothing clean, right?” says another.

But the naked stranger is completely unmoved.

“Your clothes, give them to me, now.”

The punks don’t listen, but it’s their loss.

Because they’ve just come upon the Terminator, in his first scene in the 1984 original.

If you think back, it’s a good chance that the first Terminator movie was also the first time you were exposed to the idea of AR. As the Terminator looks around, he constantly “sees” useful additional information about his environment. As kids, we all thought how cool of a future that would be.

Well the future is now.

Not in the sense of Skynet or naked cyborgs coming after your clothes. But in the sense of incredible augmented reality that does a lot more than just the circles and number printouts that the Terminator could see.

Right now, Lucyd is building next gen smartglasses on a decentralized AR ecosystem.

If you thought the Terminator had cool AR, just wait and see what we are building.

The thing is, you can actually help shape this new future.

Our token sale is going on right now.

To find out more about it or to contribute, put on your leather jacked, prepare your best Austrian accent, and head on over to:

Clifford Gross
CEO, Lucyd