Boring ICO welcome emails and exciting marketing questions

Here are some frequently asked questions I have to field whenever I talk to people at ICO companies about email marketing:

Q: What should we write about?

A: Simply put, you should write about things that are interesting to your readers. If you can do so in a fun and interesting way, even better.

What might be of interest to your readers? Here’s a potential list of topics:

– Who are you as an individual and as a company?
– What’s your business idea?
– Who’s backing you and how far along are you already?
– What are the odds your ICO will be a success?
– What do other people think of your ICO?
– Why should anybody believe anything you say?

Q: What should our welcome email look like?

A. It’s bad when someone signs up for your email list and then they don’t hear from you for days or weeks.

Why is it bad? Because they will forget who you are and when they do hear from you, you will be a nuisance instead of a welcome guest.

That’s why a welcome email is important.

But you can do better than 99% of ICOs that send out a boring welcome email, which just tells people, “Welcome to our newsletter, now join your Telegram channel.”

Instead, make your first email interesting, by telling a story about your company or yourself, or by answering one of the questions I listed above.

Q: Which email template should we use?

A: In general, your email template won’t matter very much in terms of getting a response.

In fact, it’s more likely that if you put a ton of images, fonts, colors, smileys etc. in your email, people will read less carefully, because your email will look more like an ad rather than like a personal communcation.

Q: How often can we send out emails?

A: You can send out emails frequently.

Once a day is not too often. Even more is fine if you have something important to say (eg. your ICO is in progress).

The caveat is that you should make your emails interesting, by writing good subject lines, by stirring up curiosity, by telling stories, and not just pitching something right away.

If you send the right kinds of emails frequently, you’ll build a sense of community, you’ll get in people’s heads, and you are more likely to have a wildly successful ICO.

That’s it for today. If you have other questions about email marketing for ICOs, you can reach me here:

John Bejakovic