When Austrian dentists get a toothache, here’s what they do

There’s a famous list of 100 effective ad headlines that was compiled by direct marketing great Victor Schwab.

While the list is very informative, many of the headlines sound a bit dated by today’s standards.

However, there are still occasions when you can pull out one of those old gems, polish it up a bit, and apply it to some modern advertising.

Here’s an example, based on the old headline, “When doctors feel rotten, here’s what they do”:


SUBJECT: When Austrian dentists get a toothache, here’s what they do

There’s a little sleepy town at the west of my native country of Hungary.

It’s called Mosonmagyarovar (I know, quite a tongue twister).

Anyways, this little town has an incredible booming industry.

On every corner, there is a “zahnarzt”, or dentist office. In fact, Mosonmagyarovar has the world’s highest population of dentists in ratio to the general population.

Why all the dentists?

It’s simple.

Mosonmagyarovar is very close to the Austro-Hungarian border.

And it gets an enormous amount of traffic from Austria from people looking for high-quality, low-price dental work.

By one estimate, one in two Austrians get their dental treatment in Hungary.

There are even anecdotes of Austrian dentists going to Hungary to get their toothaches treated.

And it’s not only Austrians.

Swiss, Germans, even Canadians and Americans travel to places like little Mosonmagyarovar to get their teeth set, polished, and fixed.

I bring this up because medical tourism, whether for dentistry, surgeries, or other interventions, is a huge and growing business.

It’s projected to become a $540 billion industry by 2025 (that’s according to Oxford Economics and Visa).

And my company, Etheal, is poised to be right in the middle of this boom.

You see, we aren’t just an ICO that’s based on a white paper and a dream.

We already have a working business, an online medical directory that’s operational in two countries (Brazil and Hungary).

We already serve over 2.5 million individuals looking for medical services each year.

And we are already planning to quickly expand to other countries to take advantage of the growth in medical tourism.

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Dr. Mihaly Kertesz
Co-founder, COO