5 awful emails for your ICO marketing

If you are promoting your ICO, here’s a quick checklist of bad emails.

In other words, don’t do this.

And while you might think I’m exaggerating with the list below, all of these were real life emails I’ve seen during actual ICOs. I’ve just removed identifying details below.

Anyways, here goes:

#1. The governance announcement

I’m sure corporate governance is a very important topic.

However, for people who barely know you, it’s also immensely dull.

Unless you phrase your subject line to hide the fact you’re talking about a graveyard topic, only the most die-hard insiders will want to click through and read.

#2. The “bright future” email

A subject line from a recent ICO promo email:

“[Company] equals transparency and accountability”

Really? Isn’t this the underlying promise of every blockchain startup out there?

#3. The press release

There’s nothing wrong with press releases in general. They can be great for PR.

However, they are a different format from email.

And their self-absorbed, formal style is out of place in an inbox. Even if you stuff them into an email.

#4. The missing email

Maybe this is a bit of a copout, but non-existent emails are a real-life thing.

In fact, I recently looked up the website of one of the most promising companies at the World Blockchain Forum in London.

I signed up for their email list. It’s now two weeks later and so far, I’ve gotten…


No emails from them.

Absolutely none.

Not even a “Confirm your subscription” email.

#5 The lousy tagline email

It seems every tech company has been infected by the Apple bug.

They want to have the same cool marketing as Apple, and one part of that is using vague taglines such as “Think different.”

​​I recently got a email from a company going through an ICO. The subject line was just their meaningless tagline.

But what works for the world’s biggest corporation, one with a 40-year history and a $2 billion ad budget…

Isn’t necessarily a good idea for a no-name startup.

Anyways, enough of the negativity.

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John Bejakovic