The unreasonable effectiveness of persistence in persuasion arts

Want to be persuasive?

Forget about psychology tricks and tactics.

Instead, nag your way to success with persistence.

Simply being persistent is the heavy club of persuasion.

It’s not elegant.

Just about anybody can do it.

And it’s incredibly effective.

Don’t believe me?

Heather Morgan runs a company called Salesfolk that helps companies get new business from completely cold leads through email.

Her advice? Follow up at least 8 times with each prospect.

This echoes a story that Gary Bencivenga shared about a top broker at Merryl Lynch.

This guy constantly bagged the “elephant” clients.

His secret?

Calling the client up to nine times on the phone.

Marketer and copywriter Ben Settle takes it even further.

He advises people to email their clients and prospects every day for the rest of their lives, and he practices what he preaches, with a lot of success.

But maybe you’re not convinced just yet.

After all, maybe this persistence stuff works in the relatively anonymous field of sending emails and making calls…

But maybe things are different in person.

To which I’ve got two more examples to bombard you with.

The first is something I witness regularly in my own life.

I have a stubborn cat that meows loudly until she gets what she wants. And though I hate her for it, she usually gets what she wants.

Still not enough?

Maybe this will convince you.

There’s a guy called RSD Alex who is a popular dating coach.

One of the pillars of his advice?

A guy should approach a girl at least 4 times during a night at the club to have a chance of going home with her.

Hopefully the message is starting to sinkĀ in.

You can become refined and subtle at persuasion.

But to be effective, it’s often enough just to try your existing persuasion skills, however clumsy they might be, again and again and again.

John Bejakovic


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